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Chief Executive

Purpose of the Role

To transform how the Neighbourhood Watch Network (NWN) inspires, enables and empowers communities to come together to take action in support of our vision to create a caring society based on trust and respect, in which people are safe from crime and enjoy a good quality of life.

To provide inspirational strategic leadership and direction across the NWN and develop operational plans and the staff team to support delivery.

To act as an ambassador for the organisation ensuring a high profile and presence and building key external partnerships with key stakeholders; national funders, supporters and partners such as the Home Office, the police service and Police and Crime Commissioners.

London, with some travel across the UK as required


Chair of the Board

Strategic Partnership Director

Police Liaison and Community Engagement Director

Business Development Director

Communications and PR Manager

Finance Manager



Reporting to

Current Staff Team


Key Responsibilities

Strategic Leadership & Management

  • Design and implement a strategy that will deliver a transformation in the visibility, diversity and value of NWN members and communities.
  • Lead and direct all NWN activities to implement the organisiation’s strategic vision with clear operational plans for delivery.
  • Provide exceptional leadership which motivates and inspires the staff, ensuring their effective support in the delivery of the organisation’s aims.
  • Embed and promote a culture that values and respects staff, volunteers and stakeholders, ensuring that they work positively together to share best practice and develop new ways of working.

Marketing and Communications

  • Lead the enhancement of our brand and reputation, maximising our profile and building digital engagement to grow our national prominence and reach new communities. 
  • Act as an ambassador for NWN and its work, responding to media enquiries on issues relating to NWN work and to identify and effect ways of raising awareness to increase public understanding of the organisations work.
  • To ensure effective channels of consultation and communication with the membership and Force Area Associations so that their views are heard and acted upon.
  • Ensure members are provided with the skills, tools, resources and platforms (including digital) to organise and mobilise effectively, to prevent crime, create stronger local communities, share experiences and to grow the NWN membership.


    External Relationships

    • Build strong productive and collaborative partnerships with other agencies involved in crime prevention including Government Departments, police, national and local charities and local authorities.
    • Take a leading role in promoting and developing strategies to deliver solutions to prevent crime and build stronger safer communities.
    • Remain attuned to the external environment and how it may impact on the work of the charity.


    • Work with the Chair of the Board to ensure high standards of governance and that the Board fulfils constitutional and legislative requirements.
    • Provide appropriate and accurate management information and other guidance to the Board of Trustees to ensure they have a clear and accurate understanding of the health and performance of the organisation and are able to take informed decisions.
    • Support the Chair in ensuring the continued engagement and development of all Trustees.

    Income Generation and Financial Management

    • Oversee income generation activities developing a funding strategy that maximises income from statutory funders, sponsors, trusts and foundations and the corporate sector.
    • Ensure open communication with the Board on financial and organisational performance.
    • Work with the Finance Manager, Treasurer and Auditor to ensure the charity meets its financial, legal and tax obligations.
    • Oversee the development of a detailed yearly budget and longer term budget projections. Analyse monthly management accounts and be fully aware of cash flow.


    Person Specification


    Skills, Knowledge and Experience

    • Senior experience in a complex operating environment, using a collaborative approach to working with multiple stakeholders.
    • Demonstrable experience of building organisational capacity.
    • Experience of building and leading cohesive and effective teams and leading them through significant change.
    • Experience of successful business development and income generation.
    • Ability to manage significant stakeholders e.g. media, Government, funders, NWN membership and other charities.
    • Excellent advocacy and influencing skills to win hearts and minds to support a cause.
    • Experience of mobilising, inspiring and growing communities to take action.




    • An understanding of how to utilise social media and digital tools to help bring people together in communities.
    • Significant experience gained at senior level in the development of external relationships and organisational reputation building.
    • Excellent presentation, interpersonal, communication and media relationship skills.


    • A passion for devising innovative and workable solutions to prevent crime and create stronger and safer communities.
    • Ability to deal with complexity and ambiguity.
    • Ability to anticipate risks and exercise sound leadership and considered judgement on key organisational and external matters.
    • Determination, resilience and energy to succeed.
    • Highly practical and strategic.
    • Ability to travel in the UK on a planned basis, as well as working outside of office hours occasionally to meet the demands of the role.