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Help make communities safer and happier places

It is an exciting and challenging time for Neighbourhood Watch. As the UK's largest volunteer member charity, with an estimated 8.7 million household members, we are embarking on a modernisation programme. Our aims are three-fold:

  1. To better equip members with the tools that bring communities together to protect them against current and new forms of crime.
  2. To better service the needs of current members and enrol new ones.
  3. To support operating models that add value to communities and our important stakeholders, most notably the police.


The Board is undertaking a strategic review that will deliver a three-year plan. This review will look at all aspects of our current and future operation and will be ready by the end of November.

We need a full time CEO to be able to input into this work and then lead the plan going forward. 

We are looking for someone with skills in transformational leadership and envisioning and leading change programmes, who is highly collaborative and has worked at senior levels with a broad set of experiences. They will be directly responsible for a small multi-functional paid staff team but will be mobilising a huge membership network.

Our vision is to make Neighbourhood Watch relevant to all, delivering quantifiable benefits to communities and members and making a positive difference in crime prevention across the UK.

If this vision inspires you, I look forward to hearing from you,


David Huse